Wrapping Up The Year

posted Jun 23, 2014, 1:18 PM by Warren Wannamaker

All of our projects are done, our brief Rome unit is complete (students took their quizzes, and know what their grades are for it), and our look at the civilizations of the ancient world has concluded. 

The classes that meet with Mr. Wannamaker this week will compete in the annual End-of-the-Year Social Studies Review Extravaganza, which has taken a World Cup format this year (each class is divided into teams; today was the group stage, and tomorrow will be the knock-out round!). Classes that don't meet with Mr. Wannamaker this week will still see him during the Poetry Slam, Walkathon, and Yearbook distribution, which will occur during the afternoons this week. 

And so our year comes to an end. Mr. Wannamaker congratulates his students on a (hopefully) successful completion of their sixth grade year, and wishes them well next year (and in all years after that). Students should know that his door is always open, and they can always stop by for help, or to pleasantly chat about social studies and whatnot. 

Have a great week and summer!