Wrapping Up The Fertile Crescent And Moving On To India

posted Dec 14, 2015, 2:22 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students have an action packed week in Social Studies!

First, students spent Monday completing a Post-Assessment on the Eight Traits of Culture. This Post-Assessment saw students naming and defining the Eight Traits, and identifying them in articles concerning different aspects of modern culture. 

This Post-Assessment also served as a bit of a preview and warm-up for Tuesday's quiz. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of Government and Economy (and related terms), and how they are seen within the Ancient Fertile Crescent. Students will also identify the Eight Traits in different Fertile Crescent-related facts. 

Students should bring their study tool (and a pen) to class on Tuesday. If any student is seeking extra help (or a quick review), they can come in early on Tuesday morning. 

Once the quiz is completed, students will wrap up their Culture Rankings for Government and Economy, and we'll complete a brief poll to show our final opinions on the most important Traits of Culture. 

Lastly, we'll then start working on our next unit, on Ancient India. This will feature a look at the physical features of this region, and an overview of the cultures and eras that we'll be focusing on this this unit. 

Have a great week!