Wednesday, October 10

posted Oct 10, 2012, 2:12 PM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Oct 10, 2012, 2:12 PM ]

Today in class, we reviewed a bit for our quiz. We put together a study guide to highlight the key differences between the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age in key categories like food supply, community development, and shelter. 

We also reviewed the Five Themes of Geography, and how to apply them to different situations and examples. A similar activity will be part of our quiz on Friday. 

Speaking of our quiz, students should be studying for it. Yesterday, students identified study strategies that they will use to prepare. Students should bring at least one "study artifact" (an item that shows that they utilized their study strategies) to class on Friday. 

And to reiterate the things that students should be studying:

First, students should know and be able to apply their knowledge of the Five Themes of Geography (which they can find on Page 5 in their notebook). 

Second, students should know their Physical Features. We have the physical feature terms and definitions on flashcards on Page 19 in our notebooks. We also have those definitions in our Place Presentation (which students can still access in the Handouts Section of this website). We also have review activities for the physical features on this Quia Review page that Mrs. Ackerman created. 

Lastly, students should review their notes on the New Stone Age. These notes include the important discoveries of the New Stone Age, and the ways that life changed for people in the New Stone Age. Students should use pages 23 and 24 in their notebooks for help with this topic, as well as the study guide that we put together today in class. 

Have a  Great Evening!