Wednesday, May 22

posted May 22, 2013, 2:04 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today doing a few things. First, we discussed our new project, which is entitled Rome Real Estate. In this project, students will be tasked with creating an online real-estate brochure for a famous landmark in the Ancient Roman Empire. This brochure will identify key facts about the landmark and it's surrounding "neighborhood," Rome. Students will create the brochure to try to persuade potential buyers to purchase this landmark. 

Today, students obtained a checklist of the required information that needs to be researched. They also learned what landmark they are trying to sell, and who they'll be working with for the project. Tomorrow and Friday, we'll be in the library researching Rome and the landmarks, and next week we'll be putting our brochures together. 

Many students also took their quiz today. Those will be graded and returned shortly. Many students also worked on a few activities related to the history of Rome. One of these activities, a writing prompt on the Conflict of the Orders, will be collected tomorrow. If any students haven't finished this activity, they should do so for homework tonight. 

Have a great evening!