Tuesday, September 25

posted Sep 25, 2012, 12:09 PM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Sep 25, 2012, 12:10 PM ]

Students spent today preparing for their quiz. 

Students did so by completing a practice quiz. This practice quiz was reviewed as a class, and can serve as a study guide, as it includes the information that will be on the quiz. 

Students also prepared by choosing review activities to complete. Students looked through the various Study Skills lists provided on the Team 6A Website, and chose three of the activities listed. Students can now create and use those activities to prepare for our quiz. 

Students can work on those activities, and can prepare for their quiz, on Thursday in class. 

The quiz is on Friday, so students should be preparing for it. On Friday, they should bring a pen to class (as all of our assessments are written in pen), and students should bring in an "artifact" to show that they completed at least one of the review activities that they chose today. For example, if students chose to make flashcards, they should bring them in. If they chose writing a song or creating a matching game, they could bring in song lyrics or the actual game. If they chose to highlight key notes in their notebooks, they should show Mr. Wannamaker that on Friday. 

Have a great evening