Tuesday, October 23

posted Oct 23, 2012, 11:07 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today working on their Activity List, mostly on activities related to Daily Life and Language, with an emphasis on those Traits of Culture and how they related to Sumer and Egypt. 

Mr. Wannamaker will be out of school tomorrow at a Social Studies Conference. Today, students were told of their assignments and responsibilities for tomorrow's class. Students should finish as many of their activities as possible, and then work on preparing for their quiz. 

Speaking of that quiz, students will be assessed on the activities they've been completing regarding Daily Life, Social Groups, and Language. This includes the presentation notes from class and the ways these traits apply to Egypt and Sumer. Among the rest of their notes, students should definitely know:
1) The definitions of Social Group, Majority Group, and Minority Group
2) The most and least powerful Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt
3) The largest Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt by size
4) Three ways that people communicate
5) The definition of dialects
6) What types of writing that were found in Sumer and Egypt, including what we call people who wrote in both cultures. 

Mr. Wannamaker briefly discussed scheduling for the quiz today, as well. Students who are prepared and confident in their knowledge of the material can take the quiz on Friday. Those that feel a little unprepared, or need additional time to prepare and study for the quiz, can take it on Monday.

Have a great evening!