Tuesday, October 16

posted Oct 16, 2012, 12:44 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today doing a few things. First, students applied the Five Themes of Geography to their Fertile Crescent Geography notes from yesterday. 

Then, students learned a bit about timelines. We identified what Intervals are on timelines, and how to appropriately place items on a timeline. Students then started to work on a timeline that shows some of the important cultures and civilizations that lived in the Ancient Fertile Crescent. If any students didn't finish this timeline in class, they should do so for homework. 

Lastly, students received their grades from their Geography and Prehistory Quiz. Some classes were also able to look over their quizzes, as well. Any classes that didn't get to look over their quizzes today will do so tomorrow (those classes do know their grades already, though). 

Have a great evening!