Tuesday, February 12

posted Feb 12, 2013, 11:08 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today doing a few things. Some students completed activities related to Inner China and Outer China, and how these different regions of Ancient China were different. Others completed activities related to the Great Wall of China. Still others completed activities related to the structure of cities in ancient Shang China. 

Some students have finished their activity list, so we're planning on having a China Geography Quiz. Students may choose which day to complete their quiz: Thursday (Feb. 14), Tuesday (Feb. 19), or Wednesday (Feb. 20). 

Students have a study guide on Page 95 in their notebooks. On that page, next to their activity list, is a checklist entitled "Things You Should Be Able to Do". Those are the main ideas presented on the quiz. If students can do those things, they'll be in good shape for their quiz. 

We also started working on a crossword puzzle today in class, which can serve as another good review for the quiz. That puzzle will be available for the remainder of the week, so students that didn't do it today can do it later. 

Some students have also begun to create study tools to help them prepare for the quiz. All students should put together at least two (but more like three) study strategies to help them prepare for the quiz. 

Have a great evening!