Tuesday, December 18

posted Dec 18, 2012, 11:50 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today completing a few objectives. Some students worked on preparing for their quiz tomorrow. Others spent time working on a review activity concerning the Indus River Valley civilization and the Aryan Migration. Some students, who completed both of these activities, began working on the next Activity List, which concerns Hinduism and Buddhism. 

For homework, students should spent time studying for their quiz. Students know what they should be studying (last week we identified the main review questions for the quiz -- they on the checklist on page 67). Students also know how they should be studying (they chose their study strategies yesterday, and had time in class to work on completing these strategies). 

In addition, students can utilize a Study Guide and Review Game for our quiz. Both were prepared by Mrs. Ackerman. 

Finally, if any students have any last-minute questions, they can see Mr. Wannamaker before school tomorrow. 

Have a great evening!