Thursday, October 25

posted Oct 25, 2012, 12:30 PM by Warren Wannamaker


Mr. Wannamaker's classes spent their day today completing an activity led by the Guidance Department. Therefore, they did not participate in Social Studies-related activities today. 

Tomorrow, we'll be back with Social Studies goodness. Students who have prepared and ready to take the Culture and Fertile Crescent Quiz may do so, while those that need some further preparation will take the quiz on Monday. 

Yesterday and today, students were provided with a crossword puzzle that could help serve as a Study Guide. If any student missed obtaining it, or needs another blank copy, it has been posted in the Handouts Section of this site. 

And to review, the quiz will be assessing student knowledge of Daily Life, Social Groups, and Language. This includes the presentation notes from class and the ways these traits apply to Egypt and Sumer. Among the rest of their notes, students should definitely know:
1) The definitions of Social Group, Majority Group, and Minority Group
2) The most and least powerful Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt
3) The largest Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt by size
4) Three ways that people communicate
5) The definition of dialects
6) What types of writing that were found in Sumer and Egypt, including what we call people who wrote in both cultures. 

Mr. Wannamaker is available before school tomorrow, for any students who are seeking extra help. 

Have a great evening!