Thursday, November 29

posted Nov 29, 2012, 11:25 AM by Warren Wannamaker


Students spent today preparing for their quiz. Some worked on completing their study strategies. Others worked on review activities prepared by Mr. Wannamaker. 

For our quiz, students will be quizzed on the remaining Five Traits of Culture: Economy, Art, Religion, History, and Government

For Economy, students should know the definition of Economy, as well as definitions for goodsservicesimports, and exports. Also, students should know, and be able to explain, the Law of Supply and Demand

For Art, students should know the definitions of ArtLiterature,Performing Art, and Decorative Art. 

For Religion, students should know the definitions of Religion,MonotheismPolytheism, and Atheism

For History, students should know what History is, and should probably know what Primary and Secondary sources are. 

For Government, students should know what the definition ofGovernment is, and the differences between Limited and Unlimited Governments

Students should also know how these traits relate to the Fertile Crescent. For Economy, students should know that Phoenicians were best know for setting up a trade network and a writing system (an alphabet). For Art, students should know the main types of art in Sumer and Egypt. For Religion, students should know how Egypt and Sumer's religions were similar. For History, students should know howAssurbanipal helped modern historians learn about the Fertile Crescent. And for Government, students should know what Hammurabi's Code is

All of this information should be on pages 46-59 of the Student Notebooks. 

We also have two other resources that students can utilize. First, we have a set of Quia Activities that students can complete. Students also have a Quizlet Page that they can use to review key ideas.  

If students have any questions related to the quiz, they can see Mr. Wannamaker before school.  

Have a great evening!