Thursday, May 9

posted May 9, 2013, 2:14 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Today in class, we spent a bit of time reviewing our projects. Students completed a reflection related to their participation in the project. Students also began a review of a sampling of completed projects, and identified portions of these projects that they thought were good or parts that they believe could have been better. This review will lead to our official Olympic Bid Battle Vote, where one ancient city will be chosen to host our Ancient Olympic Games. 

While students were completing these activities, Mr. Wannamaker spent time discussing projects with individual groups, and providing them with grades for these projects. Should students choose to do so, they can utilize these conversations to make improvements to their projects, and they can have these projects reevaluated. This should be done within the next few days, as we will be moving to our next unit (and next project!) next week. 

Have a great evening!