Thursday, May 16

posted May 16, 2013, 2:09 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Today in class we began our new unit, on Ancient Rome. To begin with, we looked at the geography of the Italian Peninsula, and identified some key physical features on and around the peninsula. 

We then spent a bit of time comparing the Greek and Italian Peninsulas, and created compare/contrast charts that identify key similarities and differences. 

Tomorrow, Mr. Wannamaker won't be in, as he'll be on a Stokes-related mission. In his absence, students will have a variety of activities to complete. One of these activities will be to prepare for our upcoming quiz, on Ancient Greece. A study guide has been available for two days now. Once they've accomplished their other required activities tomorrow, they can work on putting together Study Tools for the quiz. 

Students in most classes will be able to choose which day they take their quiz: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Have a great evening and weekend!