Thursday, February 14

posted Feb 14, 2013, 11:46 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Today was the first day students were allowed to take the China Geography Quiz. While those students bravely took their quiz, the rest of the students worked on their activities and preparing for the quiz. 

As a reminder, students who haven't taken the quiz yet will take it either Tuesday (Feb. 19), or Wednesday (Feb. 20). 

Students have a study guide on Page 95 in their notebooks. On that page, next to their activity list, is a checklist entitled "Things You Should Be Able to Do". Those are the main ideas presented on the quiz. If students can do those things, they'll be in good shape for their quiz. 

Students can also use their study tool, as well as the crossword puzzle, to help them review. 

Also, if any students want an extra blank map to practice locating the physical features, they can download a copy of the blank map by clicking here, or by visiting the Handouts Page

Have a great, relaxing, and safe (extended) weekend!