Thursday, December 6, Goat Day

posted Dec 6, 2012, 11:23 AM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Dec 6, 2012, 11:24 AM ]

Today was Goat Day for Team 6A. 

On Goat Day, Team 6A learns a bit about Goats and how awesome they are (for example, how they can help people like subsistence farmers). 

Then, students are given a challenge: they are asked to raise the funds to purchase goats for needy farming families through Heifer International. If every student brings in at least $1, Team 6A will be able to buy one goat. If the Team can purchase three goats, then Team 6A will have at least one day of no homework in January. 

Students can bring their money in over the next two weeks, and should bring it to Mrs. Balak's Math Class. 

Tomorrow, we're planning on having a small, 10-point quiz, concerning the nine major physical features that we identified in class, and the definition of Monsoons. So students should study the map that we labelled on our India Geography Booklet (which is taped on page 63).  

Have a great evening!