Things to Do On Thursday, September 27

posted Sep 26, 2018, 8:16 AM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Oct 1, 2018, 3:04 PM ]


As Mr. Wannamaker fulfills his civic responsibility by participating in Jury Duty, you should do the following things:

1) If you haven't filled out your Planning For Our Quiz sheet yet, you should. Extra copies are on the red bookshelf in class. Remember, you need to pick THREE Study Strategies from the Study Skills Page on our website. 

2) Remember that one of those strategies has to be provable. You need to bring it in tomorrow to be able to take the quiz. If you haven't finished your Study Tool for the quiz tomorrow, you can do that now. 

3) If you'd like to study for a bit using your Study Tool or your other strategies, you may. 

If you're done with all of that, you can do one or two of the following: 

4) Click this link: Before We Ruled the Earth to watch a video about the Old Stone Age. Remember to wear your headphones or earbuds while watching it. While watching it, you should answer the questions on the handout entitled "Before We Ruled the Earth." It's on the Red Bookshelf. 

5) Complete the Historical Atlas Activity "Agriculture and Early Settlements." The worksheet is on the Red Bookshelf, and so is the Atlas to help you.