The End of Ancient Greece, the End of the Year

posted Jun 19, 2017, 3:00 PM by Warren Wannamaker
As we enter our final days of the school year, students took their quiz on Athens and Sparta on Monday (unless they took it last week). 

Students will participate in Genius Day this Tuesday; students are reminded to bring in the supplies that we discussed in school. 

On Wednesday, students will complete a few small activities before being dismissed. 

As we end the school year, Mr. Wannamaker would like to thank the students of Team 6A for being delightful to work with. Mr. Wannamaker would also remind these students to continue to work their hardest in 7th grade and beyond. They should also know that they can always seek out their 6th Grade teachers if they need help in the future. 

Have a great week, and a great summer!