Rome Real Estate Well Underway

posted Jun 8, 2015, 9:28 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Students have a great amount of great work to accomplish this week!

First, we'll spend time in the library researching our Rome Real Estate project. In this activity, students will research a famous landmark from Ancient Rome, and will create a presentation in an attempt to sell the landmark. Students spent Monday in the library, and will also be in the library on Wednesday. Students may also work at home, and there will be time in class for students to also work on the project. The finished project should be completed by next Wednesday. 

We also have a quiz this week on the Roman Republic. This quiz will be on Thursday. Students should bring a pen and their study tool to class on Thursday (also, students should put together their study tools without using their iPads, and those iPads will be collected on Thursday). 

Have a great week!