Recommendations for the Rajah, and Hoops

posted Feb 26, 2018, 1:53 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students will spend time this week working on their Recommendations for the Rajah project. In this project, students will use their knowledge of Ancient India to provide a Rajah with advice on how to maintain and provide success for an Ancient Indian Empire. More about the project, including our task statement, outline of requirements for the project, and grading information, can be found on the unit website (the link is to the right). 

Students learned who their partners are today, and will work individually and in pairs this week to create their presentations. The final product should be complete and ready to hand in by the end of class on Monday, March 5. 

Also this week, students will take two very small, very brief assessments on the Five Themes of Geography (Wednesday in class) and the Eight Traits of Culture (Thursday in class). We'll talk more about these assessments in class on Tuesday. In the meantime, students should review the Traits and Themes. 

Lastly, on Thursday, students should definitely consider attending Hoops for Humanity. It's a splendid time, it's for a good cause, and Mr. Wannamaker gets to show off his legendary (lack) of basketball skills. 

Have a great week!