Prehistory and Geography

posted Sep 15, 2014, 2:10 PM by Warren Wannamaker

After a wonderful weekend with many of the Sixth Graders (and a lot of great high schoolers and staff!), a new school week has begun!

This week, students will spend time looking at the Old Stone Age and the important discoveries that occurred during that time. Students will also continue to look at the Themes of Geography; specifically, students will review the Themes of Location and Movement. 

We'll also have our first assessment, which will be on these topics. Right now, the assessment is scheduled for this Friday. We'll spend some time preparing this week in class by taking a practice assessment and creating study tools. 

Lastly, we'll begin looking at two more of the Themes of Geography (Place and Human-Environment Interaction) and we may be able to start a brief glance at the New Stone Age. 

So it's an action-packed week in Social Studies!

Have a great week!