Place, Human-Environment Interaction, and Prehistory

posted Sep 22, 2014, 12:07 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Mr. Wannamaker's classes will spend this week working on a few things. First, we'll look at the Theme of Geography known as Place. To do so, we'll define the term, and gain examples of the Theme. We'll also identify different physical features that we'll encounter through the year, and create flashcards to help us remember them. 

We'll also complete our Create-A-Continent project, where students design their own continent and correctly add Physical Features to it. Though this activity, we'll reinforce the Physical Features we've learned, and we'll learn about the next Theme of Geography, which is Human-Environment Interaction. We'll bring this Theme back to Prehistory, then, with a look at early cities and farming activities. 

Students will also get their quiz grades back this week (Period 1 already has their's; the rest of the classes will get theirs on Tuesday). 

Have a great week!