Our New India Unit

posted Dec 9, 2013, 2:24 PM by Warren Wannamaker

This is a very exciting week in Social Studies. Yes, I know, EVERY week is exciting, but this one is even more so!

First, we're wrapping up our look at the geography of Ancient India. In our "India's Geography" Booklet (which should wind up on page 66 of our notebook), we identified key physical features, and students have completed charts that describe the important positive and negative impacts that these features had on people of Ancient India. The next step in this booklet is for students to write a paragraph explaining where they would live in Ancient India. This paragraph should be completed for the beginning of Tuesday's class. 

After our brief section on India's geography, we'll spend time looking at our next project, which is entitled "Recommendations for the Rajah." In this project, students will be looking at the effects of religion, economy, and government on the civilizations of Ancient India, and will create a persuasive presentation to an Ancient Indian Rajah. More will be discussed about this project in class over the next few days!

And finally...
It's coming baaaaa-ck.....Thursday!

Have a great week!