Our First Quiz, and More, This Week!

posted Sep 23, 2013, 3:07 PM by Warren Wannamaker

We had a fantastic Stokes weekend, and Mr. Wannamaker is looking forward to an equally fantastic week with his classes

We have a quiz on Location, Movement, and the Old Stone Age planned for this week. Periods 1 and 2 will be taking this quiz on Wednesday, while Periods 4, 5, and 6 will take the quiz on Thursday. Students completed a practice quiz on Monday, which showed them an example of Mr. Wannamaker's assessments while also helping them identify what information and activities they should study to prepare for the quiz. 

Students will spend the day(s) leading up to the quiz creating and using study tools in class . At home, students should use their notebooks and study tools to review their notes and to study for the quiz. 

If any students have questions or would like to briefly review, they can do so before or after school in Mr. Wannamaker's room. 

After the quiz, students will begin the next section of this unit. This new section focuses on the remaining Themes of Geography (Place, Human-Environment Interaction, and Region) and the New Stone Age. 

Have a great week