Monday, May 20

posted May 20, 2013, 1:45 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today working on a few things. Some classes were able to review their activities from last Friday. All classes then worked on the early history of Rome. To do so, students began an activity where they identified key details and developed main ideas related to the conflicts between Romans and Etruscans, and Patricians and Plebeians. Tomorrow, we'll finish this activity, and complete a writing prompt centered on this activity (Period 4 was given this activity today. They may complete it tomorrow, or they may complete it tonight, should they have all the necessary notes). 

Also tomorrow, students will have another opportunity to take the Greece Quiz. The last day to take this quiz is Wednesday for most classes (Period 2 is taking the quiz tomorrow, and most students in Period 5 are as well). 

Have a great evening!