Monday, March 18

posted Mar 18, 2013, 1:45 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students did a few things today. First, some students took their China Culture Quiz. 

Others had one last day to prepare for their quiz. They'll take the quiz tomorrow. 

Others began work on our very brief China Project, entitled "Made in China." This project will see students briefly research an invention, innovation, or achievement from Ancient China. The students will then complete a "project proposal," where they answer specific questions about the usefulness of their item. The students will then prepare an infomercial-style presentation that highlights the key information concerning the item they researched. 

Students will be working with a partner, and will have class time this week to complete the assignment. Presentations will begin on Friday, and should wrap up, if need be, next Monday. Students were given their proposal sheet today, and will be able to work on it (and finish it), tomorrow and Wednesday, if need be. The project, in total, will be worth 20 points. 

Have a great evening!