Monday, January 7

posted Jan 7, 2013, 11:47 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent time doing a few things. Today was the last day that our Hinduism materials will be available in class, so some students worked on completing those activities (if anyone didn't finish them in class, they should swing by before or after school this week to complete them). 

Many other students worked on activities related to Buddhism, including readings and a mini-lesson that identified key facts about Buddhism. Some students are already close to finishing these activities, and Tomorrow (and maybe Wednesday), everyone can wrap up. 

Since we're towards the end of this activity list on Hinduism and Buddhism, we're planning on having a brief assessment related to these religions. The current plan is for students to choose which day they take the quiz: this Thursday, Friday, or next Monday. Students can prepare for the quiz this week, and we'll spend time in class working on study materials. More about this assessment will be discusses tomorrow in class. 

Have a great evening