From Prehistory to History

posted Oct 17, 2016, 1:59 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students have a few things to do this week. 

First, we're planning a very small quiz this week. It's actually a second part of last week's quiz, which students didn't have time to complete. The quiz focuses solely on the changes that took place between the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age. Students should utilize their comic book from Activity #10 to study. Students can complete this 9-point quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Also on Tuesday, we'll be reviewing our answers to the "Before We Ruled The Earth" activity. Students should watch the video (link is in the menu to the right) and answer the handout from class, if they haven't done so already (many have). This will count as a small classwork grade. 

After that, we'll be moving towards our new unit on the Fertile Crescent and the Eight Traits of Culture. To start this unit, we'll complete a preassessment, and then we'll complete activities that provide an overview of the unit. 

Have a great week!