From India to China, This Week in Social Studies

posted Feb 17, 2016, 12:04 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students will do a few things in this abbreviated week. First, students will review, comment on, and offer suggestions about completed Recommendations for the Rajah projects. Students will read projects from other groups and classes, and provide constructive criticism related to them.

Grading is continuing on the projects. Students who have yet to hand theirs in, or are revising their's, should do so and get their project to Mr. Wannamaker as soon as possible. 

Students will also briefly work on atlas activities related to later Indian cultures, and the spread of trade in Asia. 

We'll then briefly start moving into our next unit, on China. To do so, students will complete a brief preassessment, and will then learn some key vocabulary concerning the unit. We'll complete activities related to these words, and then we'll start identifying key concepts related to China's Geography. 

To look forward to next week, we'll most likely have a very brief, very small assessment on China's vocabulary around Tuesday of next week. 

Have a great week!