Friday, October 26

posted Oct 26, 2012, 12:00 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students in Mr. Wannamaker's classes did a few things today. 

Some students took their Culture and Fertile Crescent Quiz today. Those quizzes will be graded and returned to the students, if they haven't been already. 

Other students spent the period preparing for the quiz. They will have an opportunity to take the quiz on Monday, so they should study this weekend. As a reminder, the Crossword Study Guide can be found in the Handouts section, and students should utilize their Activity List, as well as the following items, while studying: 
1) The definitions of Social Group, Majority Group, and Minority Group
2) The most and least powerful Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt
3) The largest Social Groups in Sumer and Egypt by size
4) Three ways that people communicate
5) The definition of dialects
6) What types of writing that were found in Sumer and Egypt, including what we call people who wrote in both cultures. 

Have a great weekend!