Friday, March 1

posted Mar 1, 2013, 11:10 AM by Warren Wannamaker

A few students took their quiz on China's culture. Other students spent today working on their China Culture Activities. Still others worked on study tools for their upcoming quiz. 

Speaking of that quiz, a study guide is available in our class for students to take. Students can obtain a copy of this study guide in class, and most have done so. The quiz dates are Tuesday (March 5), and Wednesday (March 6)*. Students may select which of those days to take the quiz, based on their planning. 

*Based on the evidence presented in class, the students of Period 5 will be taking the quiz on Tuesday. They seem like they have finished their preparations. 

If any students have any questions related to the quiz, they can swing by for extra help either before or after school. 

Have a great evening!