For the upcoming week....

posted Jan 6, 2014, 12:21 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students spent today's class wrapping up their Indus Valley and Aryan work. For some students, this included finishing their activity list. If anyone hasn't finished these activities yet, they should probably come in before or after school over the next day or so to finish them. 

Students were also able to work on a Review Chart for the Indus Valley and the Aryan Migration. This chart will help students review work that they did before the break (as we all know, sometimes we can forget stuff when there's an exciting holiday break!). It will also help them when they are putting together their Recommendations for the Rajah project; lastly, it will help them prepare for and study for our quiz on these topics. 

That quiz will take place during the second half of the week. Students should check their work, look over their preparations, and judge for themselves when they should take the quiz. Students will be allowed to take the quiz on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday; the choice is theirs. 

Review materials will be posted tomorrow. Students will also have time in class to create their own study tools and to review.

After taking the quiz, students will move into the next topic for our unit, which is a look at Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Have a great week!