Directions for Class: Monday, October 2

posted Sep 29, 2017, 12:56 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Sadly, Mr. Wannamaker won't be in class today; here are things that you should do in class:

1) If you haven't finished the "Dream Team" activity, which talks about Latitude and Longitude, you should do that. Copies of that activity are over on the top of the Red Bookshelf. You don't need to do the Wrap It Up Question on that sheet. 

For the next few things, you can do them in whatever order you would like. 

2) Over on the Red Bookshelf, there are two activities to do with the Atlas of World History. One is called "Reviewing Basic Map Skills". The other is called "Agriculture and Early Settlements." Remember you have a digital copy of the Atlas in your Drive; you can also get a new digital copy by clicking here. 

3) On the Red Bookshelf, there is a handout called "Before We Ruled the Earth." To answer the questions on that sheet, you need to watch a video. Click Here to access the video. Remember to wear headphones. 

4) Go to Click on your binder, and several articles will be listed for you to read. For each article, you should do the Writing Activity and the Quiz. If you have a Pro/Teacher account, here are the titles of the articles, so that you can still read them:
  • Prehistoric Times: Food, Clothing, and Shelter
  • Prehistoric Times: A Stone Age Family
  • Prehistoric Times: Using Fire and Tools in the Stone Age
  • Ancient dental plaque reveals what Neanderthals really ate for dinner
  • Study says people arrived in America 100,000 years earlier than thought
  • Study shows that Neanderthals were quite sophisticated
  • Neanderthals didn't live like slobs, study says
  • Forgotten cave in France was hiding Stone Age art

Obviously, this is a lot of work. That's ok. This week we'll continue working on whatever you don't finish in class today. But work hard and try your best!