Culture Quiz and Project

posted Nov 30, 2015, 12:27 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students have a few things to do this week. Most students will wrap up their activities for the Week #2 Activity List on Monday or Tuesday. There is a quiz on this material that students should complete this week. Students may take the quiz on Thursday or Friday. Students should utilize the "Things You Should Be Able to Do" page for info on what to know and study. As always, at least one study tool, and a pen, should be brought on to class when taking the quiz. 

Students will also prepare their second set of Power Rankings. These rankings will describe the importance of Art, Religion, and History to the Fertile Crescent. We'll spend some time this week discussing the requirements of this portion of the project. 

If any students need help on any of the activities or preparing for either of these assessments, they can stop by for Extra Help any morning this week. 

Have a great week!