Culture Quiz and New Traits

posted Nov 20, 2017, 2:56 PM by Warren Wannamaker

In this abbreviated week, students will do several things. 

First, students will prepare for our quiz. This quiz will focus on Social Groups, Daily Life, and Language, and how these traits relate to the Fertile Crescent. Students may take the quiz on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or may wait until Monday the 27th. All students must complete the quiz by then. Students should bring their study tool, Preparing For Our Quiz sheet, and pen to class on the day they wish to take the quiz. 

When not prepping for the quiz, students will start our new activity list. This will begin with learning about Art, and how Art relates to the Fertile Crescent. 

If there's any time remaining in the week, we'll then start talking about Religion, and how it relates to Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

Have a great week, and a safe, enjoyable, and tasty Thanksgiving!