Culture of China Continues

posted Mar 9, 2015, 2:17 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Students will do a few things this week. 

First, students will take an assessment on the culture traits of Ancient China that they've learned so far. Students have the choice to take the quiz Tuesday or Wednesday (this is slightly later than original scheduled, and is a change caused by the snow day). Some students, specifically in Periods 3 and 4, will take it on Wednesday, as they'll be PARCC-ing Tuesday. As always, students should bring a pen and their study tool to class on the day of the assessment. 

After completing this assessment, students will learn about additional cultural aspects of Ancient China. For example, students will learn about China's economic activities, their use of the Silk Road, and the different art forms that were utilized throughout the varying dynasties. 

These activities will help prepare us for our project on China, which we'll discuss in-depth next week. 

Have a great week!