Culture Champions Continues

posted Oct 27, 2014, 12:28 PM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 12:30 PM ]

Students have a few things they are working on this week. 

First, we'll be in the library on Tuesday and Wednesday learning how to research. These skills will come in handy throughout the year and in all of our subject areas. While learning research skills, we'll be reinforcing the Traits of Culture by seeing how Daily Life, Social Groups, and Language relate to current day countries in or around the Fertile Crescent. 

On Thursday, students will use their Social Studies class time for the PowerSources lesson. This is an annual activity where students spend a period with their Guidance Counselor learning about the role the Guidance Department plays in the middle school and the help that the Department offers students. 

While these activities are going on, students should be working on their Clash of the Culture Champions Power Rankings for Week #1. By Friday, students should have their rankings completed for Social Groups, Daily Life, and Language. We've spent a few days reviewing the directions and working on this activity in class, and if students need any additional help they can see Mr. Wannamaker any day after school this week. More info about this project can be found on the Culture Champions website, which students bookmarked on their iPads. 

We're also planning for a quiz this week. The quiz will assess students on their knowledge of Social Groups, Daily Life, and Language, and how they apply to the Fertile Crescent. A study guide is on our Culture Champions website, under the "Things You Should Be Able to Do" page. 

Students may complete this quiz any day after school this week, or during class on Friday. Students should bring their study tool with them to class whenever they are planning to take the quiz. 

Have a great week!