Creating Rajah Projects (and maybe a few snowmen).

posted Jan 26, 2015, 2:27 PM by Warren Wannamaker
Actual Photo from Mr. Wannamaker's Classroom window today. 
Or of Antarctica. 
One of those two. 

Mr. Wannamaker's classes will spend this week putting together their Recommendations for the Rajah projects. Students began creating their projects in class today (some did so after taking their Mauryan/Gupta Quiz). Throughout the rest of the week, students will have time in class to work on their projects. Students can also use the snow day(s?) this week to work on their projects and collaborate with their partners (Google Docs is a great tool to collaborate!). Students may also work on their project outside of class. Students should refer to the "Task Statement", "Your Presentation", and "Project Grading" pages on the Rajah Website for assistance, and any further questions can be taken care of in class. 

The projects are currently scheduled to be due on Monday, February 2. 

Have a great, safe, and warm week!