Clash of the Culture Champions

posted Oct 25, 2015, 10:00 AM by Warren Wannamaker

This past Friday, students received the instructions for their new project, the Clash of the Culture Champions. In this project, students will learn about the Eight Traits of Culture and how they relate to the Fertile Crescent. Then, they'll create a list of "Power Rankings" (like ones for the NFL or MLS) to show which traits they think were most important to the Fertile Crescent civilizations. 

Students will create their Rankings over three weeks. Click on the "Our Next Unit" box to the right to go to our unit/project website, and learn about our project. 

With that said, students will complete their first week of Rankings this week. To do so, they'll learn about the Traits of Daily Life, Social Groups, and Language. Students will complete activities related to both the traits in general (and how they relate to modern day) and how they apply to the Fertile Crescent. 

Have a great week!