Clash of Culture Champions, Project and Quiz

posted Oct 28, 2013, 4:47 PM by Warren Wannamaker

Most of our students are wrapping up the first week of the Clash of the Culture Champions Project. This culminates with the students putting together their first Power Rankings, where they'll rank the first three Traits of Culture that we've learned about: Social Groups, Daily Life, and Language. We'll spend a bit of time this week working on those rankings in class. 

We're also planning on having a quiz this week on those three Traits of Culture and the Fertile Crescent. Since each student progresses through the unit at their own pace, students will choose which day they take the quiz: students may take the quiz on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Their choice should be based on their level of preparedness and the work that they do this week to get ready for the quiz. 

Students have their study guide for the quiz on page 40 of their notebook (it's the checklist that is coupled with their current Activity List), and we'll have time in class to practice, prepare and to assemble study tools for the quiz. 

When students complete the quiz and the first week of the project, they'll move on to the second part of the project, which focuses on the next three Traits of Culture (Art, Religion, History), and how they relate to the people of the ancient Fertile Crescent. 

Have a great week!