Clash of Culture Champions

posted Oct 21, 2013, 1:59 PM by Warren Wannamaker

This week starts our first large Social Studies Project of the year!

The project is called "The Clash of Culture Champions." In this project, students will create weekly Power Rankings (sort of like ones featured on sports shows and websites) for the Eight Traits of Culture. Students will rank the Traits based on how important they were to the ancient cultures of the Fertile Crescent, and will explain their decisions through brief summaries and commentaries. 

Today, our classes discussed the project directions (which are now on page 39 of our notebook), and students also gained the first Activity List for the project, which will help them complete the first week of the project. This activity list is on Page 40 of our notebooks. Most classes began to complete activities today, as well, and we'll continue to work on these activities over the next few class days. As students complete these activities, they'll be gaining the knowledge and materials that they will assemble into their final products. 

Last week, students got their quizzes back. If any students have any concerns about their grades, or would like to review/relearn./retake the quiz, they can see Mr. Wannamaker either before school or after school this week. 

Have a great week!