Beginning our Greece Unit

posted May 5, 2014, 11:05 AM by Warren Wannamaker

Mr. Wannamaker's classes have begun our next unit, on Ancient Greece!

To start our unit, students have spent last Friday and this Monday learning and reviewing vocabulary words related to Ancient Greece. These ten words will be encountered at different stages of our unit, so it's important for students to recognize them and be able to define them. 

As such, we'll be having a small, ten-question multiple-choice quiz on these vocabulary words. Some classes, like periods 1 and 4, will be having this quiz tomorrow, since they have indicated that they are prepared for it. Other classes, like periods 2, 5, and 6, have the option to take the quiz on Wednesday (however, there are a few assessments on Wednesday in other classes; students should consider this while preparing).  

Starting on Tuesday, students will begin working on activities related to the geography of Ancient Greece. These activities are on our new Greece Unit website. Students gained the address for this site in class on Friday. If anyone still needs it, they can get it in class on Tuesday. 

Have a great week!