About our New Stone Age Quiz...

posted Oct 9, 2013, 2:11 PM by Warren Wannamaker   [ updated Oct 9, 2013, 2:13 PM ]

As previously mentioned here and in class, we have a quiz coming up on Tuesday. On our "Themes of Geography and Prehistory Activity List", which can be found on page 17 in our notebook, the students have a Study Guide. This guide is a checklist of "Things You Should Be Able To Do." They include:

1) Naming two types of features that Place describes. Students should use page 5 in their notebooks to help them answer that question. 

2) Identify and define the landforms and waterforms that we discussed in class. Flashcards for these physical features can be found on page 19 in our notebook (and click here for a Quizlet Page that Mrs. Ackerman has put together for these terms). 

3) Be able to define, recognize, and create examples of Place, Human-Environment Interaction, and Region (students can use the definitions on page 5 to help them with this, and we'll practice this in class this week). 

4) Identify two major discoveries from the New Stone Age, and be able to describe why they were important (students should consult their notes on page 23 to study the New Stone Age. Those notes also help students define the term "Neolithic", which is another thing they should be able to do). 

In addition, there will also be a section on our quiz that compares what life was like between the Old and New Stone Ages. We'll spend more time talking about this section in class, but students should use the chart that they have on page 25 in their notebook to help them. 

We'll spend time tomorrow and Friday preparing for our quiz in class. Students may use time this week and over the weekend at home to further study for the quiz. 

Mr. Wannamaker is available before school on Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday for any questions, and will be available Thursday afternoon, as well.